A selection of artwork, displaying the varied styles and subjects of interest to the artist.

The Space Series.

Space. The Sun, Moon and the Stars, even if we don't know it, or recognise it - has a massive impact on the way that we are, the way we feel and our everyday. This collection is inspired by our beautiful sky, views and perceptions of our cosmic space.

‘Orange Moon’

150 x 100cm

The sky over the mediterranean sea… The moon radiates the whole bay and encapsulates everything below it. Trying to capture how beautiful the orange moon was on this night through the beautiful art of painting.

Available as a 20 x 20cm print.

Song suggestion: 'Orange Moon' by Erykah Badu


100 x 100cm

“Nothing is more terrifying than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself. And nothing is more invincible than a woman’s love for her soulmate” M. Loh.

This piece is called September. Inspired by the strength of the 3 natural powers; earth, wind & fire, and the overpowering strength of the love between a woman and her earth strong sister; her soulmate.

Song suggestion: 'Monsoon' by Amber Mark

Currently available for purchase, email enquiries@sunnyoutside.co.uk for more details.

Also available as 20 x 20cm prints.


120 x 120cm

Love for Luna. Love for the moon. Love for the stars. Love for the sky & love for dance.

Lying on cool summer grass, watching the cosmic shower of stars on a warm August night.

Song suggestion: 'Varkala' by Maribou State

Currently available for purchase, email enquiries@sunnyoutside.co.uk for more details.

‘Playing With Fire’

150 x 100cm

An artist collaboration with fellow artist and friend Morven Loh. A rainy day in November formed the base of this piece. The strength of friendship, of joint experiences, and the beautiful communication of art. This piece was created in a beautiful silence. We were talking through creating.

Song suggestion: 'All Cried Out' by Fink

Currently available for purchase, email; enquiries@sunnyoutside.co.uk for more details.

Also available as 20 x 20cm prints.

The Land.

The ground we walk on, the trees we walk through, the hills and mountains that we walk over. From florals to forests, the land has so many different shapes and sizes.

‘Pastel Hues 1, 2, 3 & 4’


A meadow full of spring blooming flowers, the canvas is full of soft pinks, violets and golds. This series was commissioned by a client who wanted something calming but also lively, portraying the playfulness of the subject, without being too overwhelming.

calm after the storm .png

From florals to forests, this is a piece that resembles clarity & peace, without underestimating the destruction initially caused by what can only be described, in this instance, as a storm. With the title of this piece called; ‘Calm After a Storm’. Sold.

‘Orange Water-Lilies Series 1, 2 & 3’


Playing with the reflections the flower caused on the water, using the contrast of colour and the use of light. The main focus was the colour orange and how much the painting dances around these small punches of colour. As soon as I introduced the orange, I felt like the paintings were complete.

The Sea.

Stormy, calm, atmospheric. The sea talks many languages…

emsworth harbour.png

‘Emsworth Harbour’


100 x 100cm

This painting conflicts itself slightly with the contrasts in texture. There is not a continuous flow throughout the painting, the trees look as if they are being tested by the wind. With the sea looking torn between tide and waves. The painting is very much a symbol of conflicting views, paths to be taken and that most importantly - that nature always wins.

Currently available for purchase, email enquiries@sunnyoutside.co.uk for more details.

‘Small Salcombe Series 1, 2, 3 & 4’


29 x 24cm

These paintings were inspired by the transition of light over the bay during the winter months of last year. Capturing how the sun altered the way the bay resonated with change of the winter light.

‘Salcombe Series 1, 2 & 3’


40 x 40cm

Inspired by several trips to South Sands, Salcombe in the winter months. Recreating the stunning symmetry of the sea and the sky and how the icy blue and occasional splashes of pink and white encompassed the bay.

Mum's Favourite (100 x 100cm) .jpg

‘Mum’s Favourite’


100 x 100cm

This painting was done very much from childhood memories growing up by the sea.

‘I owe this childhood to my parents and because of that I painted this with mum in mind - the colours and calmness of the painting summarises a lot of her character and thankfully this has paid off, hence the name - Mum’s Favourite.’

‘Green Mist Series 1, 2, & 3’


Using the beautiful complimentary colours of green and gold to create romantic images on the canvas. Leaving the viewer to make up their mind on what they see.